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Update 1st  April 2020

  • Our factory in Tring is operating with a reduced team that has the ability to meet current customer demands
  • The majority of our employees are now away from work for a period of at least 3 weeks
  • We would encourage customers to place their orders in advance to avoid any possible delay

In order to reduce the spread of Corona virus (COVID-19) Stokvis Tapes Ltd is following guidelines given by UK government.

Overall Steps:

  • Every employee that can do their role at home has been asked to do so to avoid contaminating each other and potentially bringing in the virus to personnel that are on site.
  • Everybody is following strict hygiene routines and if at work in separate offices, face masks and gloves
  • We have maintained limited staff in production, purchasing,sales,engineering and finance.

We believe these simple rules will help us keep the service level you require for as long as possible.

Our supply chains:

  • We are monitoring daily the situation at our suppliers.
  • We are in continuous contact with our freight companies.
  • We will inform our customers as soon as we believe delays will occur in the delivery of placed orders.


Your solution driven innovative partner.

Stokvis Tapes is a global team of 1200+ independent and innovative production specialists, who develop customised and effective solutions primarily for the automotive industry.  We are responsible for supplying our innovations to  global OEMs, starting from a concept that reaches customer’s advanced standards through to material selection, part and process design, prototyping, validation, production and packaging. 


Automotive industry.

Stokvis Tapes operates mainly in the following automotive segments: interiors, exteriors, batteries and electronics.  We specialise in applications such as: sealing, protection, bonding, gap filling, decoration, grounding, ventilation, sound absorption/insulation and many more. Common materials used in production include:  tapes, foams, films, felts, nonwovens and foils. 


Our customers.

Our professionalism and creativity in helping our customers with cost effective solutions has established long lasting partnerships with many global leaders in the automotive industry. Our focus is to help our customers optimise their costs and raise revenue by delivering innovative and improved processes that enhance both quality and productivity. We own an extensive range of equipment that can supply technologically customised products, this allows our highly creative team to develop effective solutions where they are needed the most.


All of our processes are evaluated and sustained by external accreditation and auditing. Our goal is to solve our customers’ quality challenges and meet their advanced needs.

Our partners.

Our long list of proven and independent business partners provide us with a broad range of unique and high-quality materials. Our ability to mix different material combinations with advanced manufacturing techniques enable us meet the most challenging customer requirements. 

ITW ownership.

In 2008 we became a part of Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company. ITW is an American corporation listed on Forbes 500, with total revenues of 14 billion dollars and employing more than 50 000 professionals. As a result of ITW ownership, Stokvis Tapes follows a simple but highly cost-effective 80/20 system and implements many company wide highly effective business solutions. 


Global partner in the local market.

Our production units are situated in more than 20 countries around the world, allowing us to be close to our customer base and  making us truly global. Due to our multiple locations we can operate regionally with speed, agility and flexibility allowing us to be successful in local and global markets. This close local and global engagement with customers ensures the best possible output in our cooperation. 

To learn more about our Group and our business model, visit us at

Our service goes beyond providing the best tape for your solution. With our in-house converting machines we can deliver tapes in any desired size or shape.

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With specialist for the mayor industries, we know exactly what's going on in your market and can provide good solutions for your applications..

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New Iso Certification

are proud to announce that we have extended our ISO certification. You can download the new certificates here:

ISO 9001 certificate

IATF 16949 certificate

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