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Whether it comes to extreme conditions or saving weight, Stokvis Tapes is the specialist in supplying a complete range of self-adhesive tape quality products to the aerospace industry including; aircraft manufacturers, aircraft engines manufacturers, their subcontractors, maintenance, repair and overhaul shops and individual airliners. With our stringent quality control systems we meet all your demands for safety and logistic services.

Interior Tapes – We have a long history supplying high performance flame retardant tapes that can be used in the manufacturing and refurbishment of galleys, lavatories, HVAC duct work, insulation blankets, and cargo bays. Some examples are:
- Fire retardant carpet tape for laying carpets and
  synthetic carpets in the cabin.
- Floor Sealing tape to prevent moisture coming through
  the floor panels.
- Vinyl, polyester or polyurethane film as a vapor barrier
  in galleys and toilets.
- Seal and damping tape for floor panels.
- Repair Tape for insulation blankets
- Anti Slip Tape
- Aluminum Tape for heat reflection
- Double-sided tapes for the assembly of interior parts.
- Protective film tapes for carpet, interior parts
- Cargo liner tape (sealing the seams of the cargo panels.)

Structural Tapes - Stokvis Tapes offers a wide range of tapes including sound and vibration damping, heat shielding, speed tapes, tapes that seal and identify various pipes and tubes, aluminium tapes for insulation applications and protection tapes.

Electronic & Electrical Systems Tapes - Stokvis Tapes has a long history of supplying high performance tape products for today’s complex aircraft electronic and electrical systems. Some exemples are cable protection tapes, glass fiber insulation tapes and PTFE tapes.

Composite Bonding - Stokvis Tapes supply a full range of pressure sensitive solutions from honeycomb milling, part hold down, flash masking, mold release, and shipping tapes.

Flame Spray - The leader in masking tapes for the thermal spray industry. Stokvis Tapes 's high performance line of tape products ensures that the thermal spray (Plasma and HVOF) process remains productive and cost efficient in order to repair the parts to original, OEM, tolerances. The tapes are approved for use by Pratt Whitney, General Electric and Rolls Royce.

Paint & Strip/De-Paint - Stokvis Tapes is a leader in chemical resistant and cured rubber masking tapes. Our foil tapes offer superior chemical resistivity, soft conformability, and clean removal. We also offer tapes that mask areas where various types of media blasting is the preferred way of de-painting.

Surface Protection - We have tapes for the protection of aircraft and parts in the aircraft.

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