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Aerospace - Aerospace

Aeronautical, Space and Defence Specialist Supplier in Adhesives, Abrasives and Ingredients.

With a worldwide sales force and customer service, a confirmed knowledge, and international network of partners and customers, Stokvis is your Aeronautical Solutions Specialist.

 Whether it comes to answer to highly complex or simple regular challenges, Stokvis Tapes is the specialist in supplying a complete range of aerospace-approved products to the aerospace industry enclosing; aircraft manufacturers, aircraft engines manufacturers, their subcontractors, maintenance, repair and overhaul shops and individual airliners. With our engineering capabilities, industry and product expertise, customised solutions, high converting capabilities and our stringent quality control systems, we meet all your demands for safety and logistic services.

We’ve extended our expertise and logistic performance to different product ranges:

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Aerospace - Flying Tapes

Flying Tapes

Tapes that go up in the air with the plane need to be 100% reliable. The demands/specifications are very high, and we’re used to them since 1903 (yes, 117 years!). We offer a wide and updated range of specified products of the highest quality for the aerospace industry that we call flying tapes. Read more >>

Aerospace - Non Flying Tapes

Non Flying Tapes

Stokvis Tapes is the industry trusted partner for non-flying tapes that can be used for the construction or the maintenance of the aircraft. Read more >>

Our range covers almost everything in the industry.


Extrusion, Metal sheets, Honeycomb, laminated


  • Coated abrasive discs: Self adhesives, hook and loop, perforated or not.
  • Disc sanders
  • Finess IT System: Micro finishing and polishing
  • Abrasive coated and scotch brite belts, sheets and wheels


  • Glues, scotch weld: Aerosols, water basis, Epoxy, Cyanoacrylate, scotch seal polyurethane, performed sealant, fastener primers, degreasers, neoprene, SBR, Nitrile.
  • EPX system: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Applicator, Nozzles.
  • Jet Weld System: Polyurethane glues, Applicator, Nozzles
  • Jet Meld System: Hot-melt adhesives, Applicator


  • Huntsman: Araldite, Epocast, Redux, Renlam, Renlease
  • Loctite: Cyanoacrylates, Anerobics
  • Devcon, Permatex: Sealants, Cleaners, Coating for protecting surfaces


  • Dow Corning: RTV and Primers
  • Momentive Performance Material: RTV 1, RTV 2 and primers
  • Bluestar Silicones: RTV, CAF and primers
  • Metzeler: Floorsil 2
  • Wacker Chemie: Elastosil


  • BP Turbo Oil: 2197 – 2380 - 2389
  • Castrol: Brayco range, Greases, cleaning wipes
  • Molycote:
  • Nyco
  • Shell Aviation
  • Krytox


  • LPS: Rust inhibitor, Lubricants, Degreasers.
  • GRUSCHWITZ: Sewing yarns, High tech twists
  • SPECIFIC FILMS FROM DUPONT: Tedlar, Kapton, nude or aluminised
Aerospace - Experience

For more than a century now, Stokvis Tapes has remained faithful to its commitments and guarantees a quick, efficient, and reliable service. An outstanding team that goes the extra-mile for its customers.

Find the good solution, with a team who knows to listen and to advise.


Value Added Services


Material selection: Through in-house innovation developments and closely working with the world’s leading raw material suppliers, Stokvis Tapes has the experience to provide our clients the optimized and cost-effective selection to fulfill their requirements.

R&D and Lab support: We are dedicated to support only high-quality products that match customers’ specifications and tolerances with a level of service that meets your most demanding requirements. Our fully equipped laboratory is capable of testing according to international standards like AFERA, PSTC, DIN or BS to determine how our tapes will preform in relation to your own materials.

Warehouse and logistic support:

A global network of climate-controlled warehouses stands ready to put both raw materials and finished products where customers’ supply chains demand they be.

Quality: All tape solutions we offer meet your quality demands proven by extensive (ISO) quality certifications and validated manufacturing processes. We continuously develop our product solutions and ourselves.

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True Partnership for Innovation


Relentless focus in specific markets translates to deep understanding of specific demands and needs as well as cross-market innovation, so engineering and technical teams can partner with you to get to market faster with products optimized in the effective ways.

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