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It is our challenge to help you develop your products, increase your productivity and increase your profits. With the correct quality tape and the correct implementation in your production process we ensure an effective tape solutions for you. You can read here why these solutions are so effective.

Tapekit - Sealing and Insulating Tape Solutions

Sealing and Insulating Tape Solutions

In addition to being a reliable means of bonding material, self-adhesive tape can also have a sealing, insulating or vibration dampening function.

Tapekit - Time-saving Tape Solutions

Time-saving Tape Solutions

Replacing traditional joining aids, such as nails, welds, screws or glues by self-adhesive tapes saves a lot of time. Moreover, with the right instructions and preparation, anyone can achieve a professional joint.

Tapekit - Weight Saving Tape Solutions

Weight Saving Tape Solutions

In innovative industries like aerospace or electronics, sometimes every gram counts. Self-adhesive tape is the effective solution in such situations. Less weight for an airplane, for example, means fuel savings and thus less environmental pollution and lower costs.

Tapekit - Cleanroom tape solutions

Tape Solutions from a Controlled Production Environment

From technical industries like the medical or electronics industry there is an increasing demand for self-adhesive tapes which are converted in the right shape and dimensions in a controlled production environment. Therefore Stokvis Tapes Benelux has built a so-called clean room to meet these type of production runs.

Tapekit - Reliable tape solutions

Tape Solutions For Reliable Bonding

With over half a century of experience and ISO 9001 certification, Stokvis Tapes is a reliable self-adhesive tape partner. To be able to, we are not only supported by our own laboratory in the Netherlands, but also by laboratories in several other locations worldwide.

Tapekit - Safe and Protective Tape Solutions

Safe and Protective Tape Solutions

Tapes can literally save lives. Stokvis Tapes has many reliable and protective self-adhesive tape solutions. Think for example of skin friendly adhesive sensors, flame extinguishing adhesive foams for EV applications and electrical or heat conductive tapes. But also think about the 'simpler' self-adhesive protective films with the right balance between adhesion and clean removability that will prevent damage to your products.

Tapekit - Appealing result tape solutions

Tape Solutions For A More Appealing Result

It is a fact that many objects look better when produced with self-adhesive tapes instead of mechanical fixations such as screws, pop rivets or welds. Whether you are dealing with shear force, high temperature or outdoor conditions, Stokvis Tapes has an extensive range of (double sided) self-adhesive tapes for achieving high quality bonding.

Tapekit - Tailor-made tape solutions

Tailor-made Tape Solutions through Precision Converting

Your own products self-adhesive? Do you need self-adhesive tape in a special shape for your product? Do you need a self-adhesive laminate with different product features? Whether it is one layer or five, wide or small: Stokvis Tapes will bring your ideas to life!