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Appealing result tape solutions - Appealing result tape solutions

Tape Solutions For A More Appealing Result

It is a fact that many objects look better when produced with self-adhesive tapes instead of mechanical fixations such as screws, pop rivets or welds. Whether you are dealing with shear force, high temperature or outdoor conditions, Stokvis Tapes has an extensive range of (double sided) self-adhesive tapes for achieving high quality bonding.

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Is tape something I could use in my product?

In some cases, tapes cannot be used as a substitute of mechanical fixations. In many cases, however, it is a perfect fit! Our self-adhesive tapes can be converted in any desired size or shape and therefore provide an invisible and reliable bond and seal, achieving a much more appealing end result!

Why can self-adhesive tape be the ideal alternative to traditional fixation?

  • New material combinations are possible and give the designer the freedom to create amazing designs.
  • For transparent objects, such as display cabinets or glass tables, transparent self-adhesive tapes are available. Here, tape provides an attractive, reliable and invisible bond.
  • Different features can be combined in self-adhesive tapes, for example, bonding and sealing in one tape, which also makes your product water, dust and airtight in one go.
  • Various electronic devices, such as headphones, mobile phones and laptops have been manufactured with tape. Self-adhesive tape provides an invisible bond, giving the device a smooth and aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also directly seals against moisture and dust.

Our range includes double-sided foam tape, acrylic foam tape, transfer tape, tissue tape and double-sided tape with several carriers. Please contact Stokvis Tapes for tailored advice!

Appealing result tape solutions - Is tape iets voor mijn product?
Appealing result tape solutions - Is tape iets voor mijn product?

Self-adhesive tape also ensures a more beautiful result

Below is a list of several self-adhesive protective tapes:

  • Many protective tapes can be removed 'cleanly', which means that no unsightly adhesive residue is left behind. Useful when you want to temporarily protect your products from scratches and dirt.
  • Self-adhesive protective tapes ensure that products arrive at their destination without scratches or other damage.
  • Masking tape and Quick Masking can also be used to achieve a high-quality result when painting, for example. The film protects against paint, dust and dirt and the masking tape ensures razor-sharp lines.
Appealing result tape solutions - Self-adhesive tape also ensures a more beautiful result