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Time-saving Tape Solutions - Time-saving Tape Solutions

Time-saving Tape Solutions

Replacing traditional joining aids, such as nails, welds, screws or glues by self-adhesive tapes saves a lot of time. Moreover, with the right instructions and preparation, anyone can achieve a professional joint.

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Time-saving Tape Solutions - Why is tape time-saving?

Why is tape time-saving?

  • The self-adhesive tapes can be tailored and/or shaped exactly to your needs.
  • No extra tools are needed.
  • There is no 'drying time', like with glues.
  • Fewer operations are required.
  • In many cases, a shorter production time.
  • In many cases no professional craftsman needed, like with welding.
  • In many cases easy to use (see paragraph below). 

Time-saving in usage

There are various ways of saving time, for example by:

  • making your own material self-adhesive in front at Stokvis (laminating);
  • cutting the self-adhesive tapes to the exact width;
  • cutting the self-adhesive tapes to the exact shape (die cutting, see fig. above);
  • supply tapes for semi-/full-automatic productions;
  • remove the liners in a user-friendly way (see fig. opposite).
Time-saving Tape Solutions - Time-saving in usage

Why choosing Stokvis Tapes will save you time?

  • Together with you we will look at how we can improve your production process and save you time.
  • With over 60 years of experience and several tape specialists working for the major industries in the Benelux, we know exactly what is going on.
  • Stokvis Tapes is constantly innovating. For example, Stokvis Tapes has its own cleanrooms worldwide.
  • Stokvis Tapes has several test centers worldwide where our lab technicians are constantly testing and improving new tapes.
  • Stokvis has several converting machines available in-house enabling us to supply a variety of laminates, shapes and dimensions.
  • Stokvis Tapes has multiple locations.  Does your company have multiple locations also? Most likely there is a local Stokvis Tapes available for those locations.

At Stokvis Tapes you will have a dedicated contact person. Do you have a question and need a quick answer? Please feel free to e-mail or call our specialists.  

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